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How to buy and sell stocks ?

-With today technology you can easily buy and sell stocks in seconds with a few clicks on your laptop or desktop computer or smartphone. First thing you will need is a online broker account. You can buy and sell stocks using your online broker’s website, trading platform or mobile app. I would recommend as your online broker if you’re looking for the most popular broker. TD Ameritrade offers excellent service and customer support and they also have a mobile app so you can quickly trade stocks on your phone. If you’re looking to save money then I would recommend recommend TradeKING because they only charge $4.95 per trade. Great for beginners and they offer great customer service.

How to buy and sell cryptocurrency? (Bitcoin, Ethereumm, ect) If you live in U.S.A the best coin exchnage to use for buying and selling cryptocurrency is Use my Referral link to get free $10 in BITCOIN!!

If you want to trade cryptos that’s not on coinbase BE CAREFUL! Careful in the coin exchange you choose as well as what cryptocurrency you buy.

If you want to buy cryptos that’s not on Coinbase, I only recommend the most popular one which right now is:

—-Jan/26/2018 Besides Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash I only like Monero, Ripple… I have many reasons why, and other up an comers like Neo, Stellar and Cardano have some potential. If you find a gem please email it to me, but send me something real good if you want a response.

eToro: Link below, recommended coin exchange if you live outside the U.S.

International Broker: SureTrader If you’re looking for a international broker then I recommend SureTrader because they only charge $4.95 per trade and they also help out day traders by allowing as many day trades a week without the 25k rule.

If you’re a beginner then TradeStation may also be a good option because they are offering 90-days of FREE trading without any commission fees to save you money. After the 90 days of free trading, future trades will cost $4.99 per trade.

Recommended INTERNATIONAL Broker: eToro I recommend eToro if you’re a beginner, they actually have free courses , live webinars, and training if you open an account with them.


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