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Todays Stock Alert Is DSKXStock Picks NYC

Todays Stock Alert

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Todays Stock Alert is DSKX 10/30/14

Several reasons I like this company; overall I see steady consistent growth while improving margins as they make their way towards profitability. I also believe this is a potential takeover target. Be sure to keep this stock on watch for the near future. There are number of catalyst which I think can have a positive influence on the stock price.

1. Annual Increase of revenues for 6 consecutive years indicating future growth.

2. Aegis Capital has a $5.50 Price target for DSKX -Here is a link to the Aegis Report

3. The company announced in a recent Press Release that they have signed a distribution agreement with DrogariaVenancio, a leading Rio de Janeiro- based pharmacy chain which I expect would boost their future revenues along side with the new DS Laboratories store that opened in Shanghai, China in July 2014

4. Chart history showing frequent bottom bollie spikes. You can see each time the candle dipped under the bottom Bollinger Band, DSKX made a significant spike. At these levels is oversold so we could see a big a rebound. Check out this chart, Bottom Bollinger Band is the the bottom green line. BB(20,2) I like it.

5. Also in September 2014 DS Healthcare Group obtains regulatory approval in Middle East, which could also play a positive role in their future income.

6. Insider buying at 1.09 in September 2014

7. The stock is trading at less then 1x expected 2014 sales, when its competitor Nioxin was sold for $368 million or 5 times sales to P&G

8. One of their Products ” Revita ” mentioned in May 2014 Vogue Magazine issue “Revita is a high-performance hair-stimulating shampoo from DS Laboratories which helps users arrest thinning and preserve hair ”

9. PHILLIP FROST!!! In my recent research of companies, I noticed legendary investors Dr. Phillip Frost M.D & Howard Lorber are shareholders in DKSX!! I did some digging around in the SEC filings and found that Frost Gamma Investment Trust is owns 150,000 shares of DSKX.
Here is the link:

Some of you may have already heard of Phillip Frost from the Forbes 400 but here are some links below if you would like to know more about him Dr. Phillip Frost, Trustee, holds voting and dispositive control over securities held of record by Frost Gamma Investment Trust.

“Here is a brief list of some of Dr. Phillip Frost’s overlooked wins:

Continucare (invested $16.8M that became $170M) +900%

Dreams (invested $2M that became $15M) +650%

Whitman Education (invested $6M that became $175M) +2800%

Key Pharmaceuticals (invested $5M that became $180M) +3500%

Rolapitant (invested $29M that became $190M) +580%

Ivax (invested $100M incl. open market purchases that became $1.5B) +1400%

ChromaDex (combination of personal and corporate investments) all up at least +200%

North American Vaccine (invested $10M that became $140M) +1300% ”

Read full article in the link below


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