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Todays Stock Alert is SDIG

Todays Stock Alert is SDIG
Now Trading around 0.42

They announced highlights from the Company’s recent quarterly conference call.
You can see the highlights and listen to the conference call in the link

Some of Highlights Included: Increasing revenues from recently announced Webstore set to open December 8th, WOWIO Partnership, Increasing Advertising CP/Ms, Decreasing Accounts Payables from $7.9MM to $6.3MM and further reductions expected in current quarter, Strengthened Management team, Expansion into TV shows, Movies and eBooks, Significant improvements in upcoming service upgrades.

Here’s a company making progress at a fast pace. StationDigital ( SDIG ), is a user friendly Internet radio and digital media distribution platform which allows you stream music for free like Pandora with a growing library of over 30 Million Songs. Their website is or you can download the App on any mobile device. StationDigital has exceeded 7 Million unique listeners since their recent launch in Sep 2013 and this year they have been averaging 207,000 active users a month and all of these numbers are expected to increase next year. Looking at Pandora as an example, Pandora was able to grow its base of registered and active users rapidly in its early days. Station Digital is doing the same and also offers a rewards program for listening to music and sharing with friends which is a great way to bring back customers and visitors. Unlike these many other digital competitors, the company’s business model is much more than audio content. StationDigital’s business model is to offer Internet radio, TV and movie content, music videos, books and video games.

Zacks Small Cap Research also gave us their insight on the company which you can read here
I expect SDIG to continue with their growth and expansions at a fast rate with their strong management team so this one of those stocks that’s definitely worth taking a look at.




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