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Todays Stock Alert is NXTD 11 / 11 / 2014

Todays Stock Alert Is NXTD
Trading at around roughly $2.25 – $2.35 per share

Several reasons I like this company. NXTD has been popping up frequently with good news. With their current technology, low market value, high analyst ratings, this one could get interesting. Momentum building up, They recently pre-launched the Wocket(TM) Smart Wallet which will be shipped soon prior to the end of this year 2014. General release of Wocket to non-preorder customers will begin in January 2015 which could drive the price up around this time leading up to the Pre-Order shipments.
They have multiple innovative products with technology replacing password and security with biometrics. Factoring in the value of the Wocket plus their other existing products, we could see a significant change in their market value in my opinion so keep a close eye on this one.
You can read through their recent news on YahooFinance and also keep a eye out for upcoming news. NXTD has a history of volatility and high volume so don’t miss this one.

Analyst have high expectations for NXTD
-On September 30, 2014 Northland Capital Markets initiated coverage on Nxt-ID, Inc. (NASDAQ: NXTD) with an Outperform rating and a price target of $6.00. Analyst Michael Latimore forecasts a $2 billion market opportunity for its Smart Wocket.
-On October 9th Benchmark initiated coverage on Nxt-ID, Inc. (NASDAQ: NXTD) with a Speculative Buy rating and a price target of $6.00.
More details about the Analyst Ratings for NXTD in the link below

Market Value: Current market value around 56Mill trading at 2.35 per share. I’ve seen transactions at higher values for less advanced technology in the payment industry and all of NXTD ‘s technology is based around security which also adds value; replacing passwords with biometrics. With the current market value this stock has room for upside.

Chart: Recent price action and chart indicating beginning of a uptrend, Finviz chart showing a strong up-trending support line.

On the bottom of their homepage, You can see the NXTD products with a detailed description of their technology.
Here is some brief information about their Products & Technology in a recent SeekingAlpha article.
In Quote””
” The product roadmap is ambitious with several new security products scheduled for release in the months ahead, all of which leverage the company’s Mobile-Bio™ platform. NXT-ID is using its Mobile-Bio platform to commercialize a range of next generation security products targeted at a range of applications. These products include:

1. Mobile-Bio FaceMatchTM – 2D, 3D and pseudo-3D methods to perform facial recognition. The non-Mobile version of FaceMatch is currently on the market and being used by various law enforcement agencies to provide identity authentication.

2. The WocketTM – a new class of biometrically secure mobile devices designed to replace the traditional wallet.

3. Mobile-Bio SensorTM – a simple, web-enabled, biometric-enabled external device that is used for local authentication and remote authentication with the BioCloud and/or remote servers.

4. VoiceMatchTM – a unique biometric-enabled method to add multi-factor biometric identifiers (both speech and speaker recognition) to Dynamic Pairing Codes using a simple low-power embedded processor on an external device (e.g., BioSensor), such as a Wocket, that then connects to other end-points using NXT-ID’s Dynamic Pairing Codes.

5. Mobile BioCloudTM – a cloud-based end-point (authentication service) to authenticate any “end-point” along a communication path, including external biosensors such as the Wocket and/or other PCs or servers along the path. “


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