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How To Read Stock Quotes

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How to Read Stock Quotes ?

Taking a look at a full stock quote can be confusing if you are new to the stock market. In this Chapter, I go over the major elements of the stock quotes so you can fully understand next time you look at a stock quote. First take a look at Twitters stock quote below .

How to read stock quotes

Twitters Stock Quote

  • Last

The “Last Price” is the current price of the stock or in other words the price at which a stock was last traded.

  • Previous Close

The “Previous Close” is what the ending price of the stock was at the close of the previous day.

  • Open

The “Open Price” is the price of the stock at the opening of the day.

  • Bid / Ask

The “Bid” and the “Ask” is just a way of saying the bidding price or the asking price. The “Bid” is the highest price someone is willing to pay per share of a stock. The “Ask” is the lowest price someone is willing so sell their shares of the stock.

  • Volume

The stock “Volume” is a measure of the number of shares that have been traded within that day.

  • Change / % Change

The “Change” tells you by how much stock‚Äôs price or percentage has increased or decreased since the market opened that day.

How to Read Stock Quotes in the Stock Market

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