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GPIW – Attractive Market Cap

Company Name: Grand Perfecta, Inc.
Stock Symbol: GPIW Company Website:
Trading at approx $0.26 Cents Per Share (08/08/2016)

Currently GPIW has very attractive market cap with a small tightly held float and it’s only a matter of time until investors find out about this great company.
7,826,000 (approx) Market Cap
17,736,064 in Revenue for the full year of 2015
13,614,760 Total Assets as of April 30 2016

Here are some words in recent press release by Hiro Watanabe, CEO of Grand Perfecta Inc.:
“We currently have 1.25 million non-paying users and 87,000 paying customers to our Internet and phone services in Japan,” says Shuya Watanabe, CEO, Grand Perfecta, Inc. “Customers to our Internet and phone information services pay access fees that range between $4 and $800 depending on the level of information access.”
“Japan is currently the largest market for horse race wagering globally, with wagers exceeding $28 billion annually generated by over 8 million racing fans,” says Takashi Ozawa, President & COO, Grand Perfecta, Inc. “We continue to enhance and grow our business within Japan but we feel this is an opportune time to expand our model globally.”
“We have been positioning the company for global expansion during the past two years,” said Watanabe. “Our Hong Kong subsidiary, UMAJIN Hong Kong Ltd., is focused on the expansion of the business in Hong Kong and mainland China. In addition to the horse racing UMAJIN is also active in the soccer market.”
In January 2016, Grand Perfecta Inc. announced the acquisition of FanXT operating under the company’s US subsidiary, Sports Perfecta. Sports Perfecta is a digital sports media company, offering fantasy sports and digital media platforms to sport leagues across the world. Its digital products include, fantasy sport games, websites, iPhone and Android mobile apps, Facebook and Smart TV apps. This acquisition marked the company’s entry into the US market as well as the fantasy sports industry.
“Fantasy sports is a rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar market and our existing data publication and subscriber acquisition model, makes us ideally positioned to capitalize on this market,” says Shuya Watanabe, CEO, Grand Perfecta, Inc. Prior launches for Sports Perfecta include fantasy jockey and fantasy sumo. Grand Perfecta also operates Fantasy4All, which is fantasy sports provider for NFL, NBA, MLB, and soccer.
“We are excited about the opportunities ahead of us,” says Shuya Watanabe, CEO, Grand Perfecta, Inc. “We feel we the efforts we have been making to position ourselves globally, now have us ready to take advantage of many of the growing trends throughout the world.”

Grand Perfecta, Inc.

About Grand Perfecta, Inc. ( GPIW ) is an online gaming company based in Japan and the United States offering various services to our customers, such as data analytics, fantasy sports, and online and mobile gaming. Grand Perfecta’s technology platforms enable customers to access and play along with multiple sports in every region of the world. Sports include: Horse racing, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Sumo wrestling, Motor sports, Baseball. Grand Perfecta’s management is an experienced team of professionals in the horse racing services industry with approximately 95 employees engaged in the information management and distribution in the horse racing industry. The Company has used its expertise to achieve considerable success with more than 1 million subscribers in Japan and distributes its product via various media, including print, internet and telephonically. The Company also has overseen the production and management of print publications, TV programs and events in horse racing and other sports industries.
Grand Perfecta, Inc. ( GPIW ) currently has three divisions: Sports Perfecta, Link Bit Consulting, Uma Jin HK.

Link Bit Consulting

Based in Japan, Link Bit Consulting is the premier source for Japanese horseracing, including news, interviews, videos, pictures, commentary, behind the scenes information and proprietary data analytics.

Sports Perfecta

Based in the United States, Sports Perfecta is a digital sports media company offering fantasy sports and digital media platforms to sport leagues across the world, including NFL, NBA, MLB, soccer and motor racing.

Umajin HK

Based in Hong Kong, Umajin HK offers information marketed to Chinese speakers in Hong Kong and Mainland China about horse racing and regional soccer matches.


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