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About Us

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Welcome to STOCK PICKS N.Y.C.

About Us strives to find you the best stocks before they move.
Sharing stock alerts with the public through emails to my subscribers. Its 100% FREE to sign up to receive the LIVE STOCK ALERTS. Just click on the link below
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We look for stocks trading under $10 per share and that has a history of volatility so we can capture high percentage gains in a short period of time.
There are many undervalued companies tradings under $10 per share with a lot more upside than most of the bigger name companies. The stocks we email you will typically move a lot faster than the ones you see on TV or read about in the Wallstreet Journal.

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About us stock market news

¬†Providing you with the top stock picks . You don’t need a start out with bunch of money to make money in the stock market. Penny stock prices fluctuate rapidly giving you a opportunity to invest with small amounts of money for a decent gain. A pennystock can go up 200% in one day, not everyday but it does happen a often. Everyday there are multiple stocks that go up over 50% change in price in one day. In most cases these are stocks that are under $10 per share. Price action is much faster with small companies with low market market value. I like to look at companies that are listed in the NASDAQ , NYSE and, AMEX Exchange because a company has to go through strict requirements in order to be listed on those major exchanges. There are plenty of great stocks that move at a fast pace listed in the NASDAQ Exchange that’s trading under $10, $5, and even $2 per share. Typically its best to stay away from companies trading under .50 cents per share. Just like anything else in life, “You get what you pay for.” Its rare to find a pink sheet or OTC stock that has real potential. Stocks trading under .50 cents are generally considered highly risky. I typically look for stocks trading in the range of $1.00 – $10.00+ per share mainly in the NASDAQ exchange where markets are very liquid.


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