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KSIX Stock Alert

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KSIX Analysis

Company Name: KSIX Media Holdings, Inc.
Stock Symbol: KSIX             Company Website:
Trading at approx $0.10 Per Share (08/01/2016)

Many reasons I like this company. KSIX has been consistently growing their revenue at an incredible pace quarter after quarter. The company also has a smart and proven acquisition strategy which is already producing noticeable results. With the current revenue growth trend and industry forecasts, its reasonable to see another record breaking quarter from KSIX. Most importantly the company is currently trading at a low valuation which makes this an opportunity we cant ignore.

During late 2015, KSIX Media Holdings, Inc. ( KSIX ) acquired DigitizeIQ, which is one of the largest social media digital advertising agencies generating $5M in annual sales. DigitizeIQ has worked with many reputable companies such as General Motors and Volkswagen just to name a few. Since this acquisition we’re already seeing a major improvement in revenue from KSIX. For the 1st quarter of 2016 KSIX posted $1.2 million in revenue which was a 25% increase compared to $957,981 for the 4th quarter of 2015 or a 240% increase compared to $357,557 for the 3rd quarter of 2015. During this growth stage we’re very excited to see upcoming financial results from the company as well as future company acquisitions. Globally, digital advertising is forecasted by PWC to grow from $135 billion in 2014 to $240 billion in 2019. Digital advertising spend continues to grow rapidly which allows KSIX to scale up and grow both organically as well as via acquisitions.

Currently KSIX is relatively unknown to the public markets trading at ground floor levels off its 52 week lows with a 52 week high of 0.55 per share and things could get very interesting once the general marketplace gets a wind of KSIX. Judging by the stock performance, its safe to say the recent progress the company’s been making has not yet been priced in the stock and it appears we may have another big winner in front of us. Aside from that, the company is currently going through is major growth stage which makes the timing perfect for us investors. Overall the stock has a very tightly held float, tiny market cap of 4M, significant revenue growth, with a committed management team to push the company forward and a very bright future ahead.


KSIX Media Holdings, Inc. ( KSIX ) is an SEC fully reporting public company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. KSIX is a data-driven digital media and Internet marketing company specializing in driving targeted traffic for leading brands and agencies — utilizing over 5000 affiliates and internal media buying across social media and mobile platforms. Our proprietary ad management platform was designed to automate customer acquisition with real-time data intelligence and increase advertising ROI on Facebook. It monitors social media data and dynamically analyzes thousands of data sets, matching products with relevant online activity and optimizing ad delivery — intelligently connecting advertisers with millions of interested customers each month. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most powerful and effective cross-platform social media advertising tool available. KSIX currently operates three subsidiaries, KSIX LLC, DigitizeIQ LLC, and Blvd Media Group LLC.


KSIX, LLC is a digital advertising network utilizing proprietary technology and intellectual properties designed to create revenue streams for their affiliate clients and to provide advertisers with increased measurable audience. KSIX provides performance-based marketing solutions to drive traffic and conversions within a Cost-Per-Action (“CPA”) business model. KSIX has an online advertising network that works directly with advertisers and other networks to promote advertiser campaigns. KSIX manages offer tracking, reporting and distribution on the third-party platform.


DigitizeIQ is one of the largest agencies for social media marketing in the Tort Law industry. Utilizing proprietary software, DigitizeIQ can provide high-volume and high-quality marketing for tort law firms. DigitizeIQ creates multi-channel marketing campaigns specific to each company’s advertising needs.

About BMG Media Group

BMG Media Group, LLC provides the tools for web publishers to drive traffic and increase revenue. BMG’s mission is to monetize the Internet, promoting incentive-based advertisements resulting in more clicks, greater lead generation, and increased revenues.

CEO Interview



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