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This might be the most important message I may ever send you for a long time. A once in a life opportunity is open right now which has been open for a while but is more clear than it has ever been. I’m talking about Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple.

First and foremost congrats to anyone that made money on POTN and KSHB or to anyone that’s still holding because they are still in play.

But back to “cryptocurrency” which is very important right now. You don’t have to pull the trigger today, but you can’t pull the trigger when you want to if you’re not prepared.

Timing is sometimes the most important element in an investment or trade.
I want to tell everyone why I see such potential on Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum. I will also write about Bitcoin Cash and Ripple next week sometime.
There are other up and comers with some potential too like Cardano, NEO, and Stellar.

Bitcoin is already being used as currency and has been for a long time. The only thing different now is that bitcoin is going through a phase where its about to be mainstream adopted. One reason why we are seeing new ICOs pop up left and right. Majority of the ICOs will never even come close to bitcoin though so don’t be fooled. Bitcoin, Monero and Ethereum already have a giant head start because they are already being used as actual currency. Monero is being used is various cases including from booking celebrities to concerts & nightclubs and also being black market similar to how Bitcoin started getting popular. Ethereum is also being used as currency, some coin exchanges even use Ethereum without a cash option to fund an account. There will always be a market for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero too. Even if they get banned by certain governments, people will most likely still use them.

Right now would be a great time to start a Coinbase or Binance account and confirm your bank account so when you are ready to pull the trigger you don’t have to wait 2-3 business days to verify your account. In the world of investing timing is everything. If you get a opportunity to get some Bitcoin 25%+ off today’s trading price you may not want to miss out. Even if you cant afford a whole bitcoin, you can buy .01 worth of bitcoin and still make the same percentage returns. Use the Coinbase link below and you will get FREE $10 in bitcoin, most likely will be worth a lot more in the future so hurry up and get involved.

Cryptocurrency is known to be extremely volatile and the markets are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week unlike banks. Fun new world to get into.

If you want to buy cryptos aside from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash then you will need another coin exchange that lets you buy smaller coins. The most popular one is Binance. You can use the link below to set up an account with them tonight as well.

The value of bitcoin will keep growing I will write a lengthy research report or a book about it.
Is it too late? is the wrong question to ask. The real question to ask is how much money is parked in bank accounts, gold, silver, other commodities, other currencies, stocks, bonds and such VERSUS how much of it is about to be transferred in bitcoin in the next several years. Its already growing FAST.

The value of bitcoin is linked to the number of users and transactions. As the bitcoin network grows, the value of bitcoin grows as people move into bitcoin for payments, purchases or investment purposes. As more people use bitcoin it becomes more valuable. There are many advantages of using bitcoin vs national currency. With bitcoin you can easily make a transfer at any time of the day and any time of the week where with traditional banking you have to walk in the bank during business hours to either make a deposit to the recipients account or a wire transfer to the recipient. A wire transfer using a bank can take up to 24 hours where a transfer using bitcoin only takes seconds to process. Countries with economic uncertainties now have an alternative currency they can use to make payments and park money to avoid risking of losing the value of their money as country economic uncertainty escalates. There are many big name worldwide retailers like Walmart, Amazon, fast food chains, restaurant chains, hotel chains ect that can drop an announcement at any given moment stating they will start accepting bitcoin as payment.

The opportunity is that Bitcoin is coming down hard off its highs from negative media sentiment so this makes a giant opportunity for investors that missed out in the past for those who still believe in the future potential of Bitcoin.

I do not recommend putting more than 50% of your portfolio in cryptocurrency. 10%-50% is a good number because this is more of a longterm play. Please keep in mind I am not a financial advisor and this message is for entertainment, research and information purposes.


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I own cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum and I plan to accumulate more.
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